Black Lagoon (2006-2010)

If this wasn’t already a manga by Rei Hiroe, I would say that the writer’s room had some very interesting days when creating this show.  Primarily when you consider that this perhaps has.  Well.  Everything.  Or at least everything that could be humanly possible…minus how skilled people can be at dodging death…and maybe the Vampires…and the Nazis that live in a ship on International Waters.. … Continue reading Black Lagoon (2006-2010)

Woodpecker Detective’s Office (2020)

I’ve decided to publish this review now, because as a Crunchyroll Premium member I got to see the final episode last week.  This is for those who are choosing to watch it for free, with adverts, and without One Piece available to them (in the UK), and have had the opportunity to watch it up to the end…although from the beginning you already know a … Continue reading Woodpecker Detective’s Office (2020)

One Piece: East Blue (1999-2001) Anime Review

Right…This is going to be huge and quite long term, as I decided to start watching One Piece sometime late last year, and I’m fully aware that even if I take out the filler, I will probably not be brought up to date with the latest episodes until at least 2021, and that includes us experiencing an international pandemic. ¬†Instead of watching every episode and … Continue reading One Piece: East Blue (1999-2001) Anime Review