In Bruges (2008)

In every country, especially during difficult times, Comedy is a national treasure. While taste varies from person to person, it is one of the great pleasures of life regardless of what is happening. Some like it physical, others like it witty, and others a hybrid of the two…and others like it darker than black coffee on a moonless night. Tonight, we’ll be diving into such … Continue reading In Bruges (2008)

Calvary (2014) Movie Review

Today is Sunday, so what better day than this to focus once again on the McDonagh brothers (The Pillowman/In Bruges), or actually, just 1 brother.  Martin McDonagh may have helped John Michael is creating The Guard, but in this instance (and not the 1st), John Michael is working alone.  This is his 3rd film as a director (2nd feature film), and I wouldn’t be surprised … Continue reading Calvary (2014) Movie Review

The Pillowman (2003) Theatre Play Review

Right…this will be a different kind of review, as this is my 1st review of a play.  It’s one that I recently saw at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast, and unlike other reviews that would be written by those who grew up on theatre and love it with a passion, I’ll be talking about it as someone whose story-diet metaphorically has movies as the 1st … Continue reading The Pillowman (2003) Theatre Play Review