Calvary (2014) Movie Review

Today is Sunday, so what better day than this to focus once again on the McDonagh brothers (The Pillowman/In Bruges), or actually, just 1 brother.  Martin McDonagh may have helped John Michael is creating The Guard, but in this instance (and not the 1st), John Michael is working alone.  This is his 3rd film as a director (2nd feature film), and I wouldn’t be surprised … Continue reading Calvary (2014) Movie Review

The Pillowman (2003) Theatre Play Review

Right…this will be a different kind of review, as this is my 1st review of a play.  It’s one that I recently saw at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast, and unlike other reviews that would be written by those who grew up on theatre and love it with a passion, I’ll be talking about it as someone whose story-diet metaphorically has movies as the 1st … Continue reading The Pillowman (2003) Theatre Play Review