Black Lagoon (2006-2010)

If this wasn’t already a manga by Rei Hiroe, I would say that the writer’s room had some very interesting days when creating this show.  Primarily when you consider that this perhaps has.  Well.  Everything.  Or at least everything that could be humanly possible…minus how skilled people can be at dodging death…and maybe the Vampires…and the Nazis that live in a ship on International Waters.. … Continue reading Black Lagoon (2006-2010)

The Man With The Iron Fists Movie Review

It’s not very often somebody could possibly out-Tarantino Quentin Tarantino.  But then again, when Quentin Tarantino is involved somehow by…’presenting’ the film, his influence is evident.  The Man With The Iron Fists was directed by Wu-Tang Clan de-facto leader RZA.  Its story was written by RZA.  The screenplay was written by RZA and Eli Roth.  RZA is 1 of the stars in the movie…and lastly, … Continue reading The Man With The Iron Fists Movie Review