The Pillowman (2003) Theatre Play Review

Right…this will be a different kind of review, as this is my 1st review of a play.  It’s one that I recently saw at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast, and unlike other reviews that would be written by those who grew up on theatre and love it with a passion, I’ll be talking about it as someone whose story-diet metaphorically has movies as the 1st … Continue reading The Pillowman (2003) Theatre Play Review

Puppeteer Video Game Review

Hello folks!  Remember the 2D side-scrolling platformer that make Super Mario, classic Sonic and Rayman awesome?  Or pantomimes that schools would have arranged field trips to see?  Or puppet shows?  Or 3D Picture shows?…and how about a video game that takes all of these components and creates something that is not only a game but an experience?  Then consider what I say in this review. … Continue reading Puppeteer Video Game Review